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Thông cáo của Việt Nam Quốc Dân Đảng: Về việc đối thoại với CSVN nhân chuyến thăm Hoa Kỳ của TBT đảng CSVN Nguyễn Phú Trọng (English version)


 The United States of America                                                                                July 10, 2015

For Immediate Press Release
Regarding the Proposal for Dialogue with the Vietnamese Communist Government Following the Visit to the USA by General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong


–    The Leaders of our Religious Community, Organizations, Groups, Non-communist political parties, Media, and Press,
–    All of our fellow Vietnamese and our Youth,
–    The United States Government, and Governments of the democratic countries in the world.

At the invitation of President Obama, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam, Nguyen Phu Trong, made a visit to the United States from July 5th to 9th, 2015. The activists of the Vietnamese Community had held demonstrations, and provided press releases to protest the visit.

Following this visit, we have learned that the Department of State is proposing to mediate a dialogue between the Communist Government and the Vietnamese Community Overseas. Many contacts have been explored or will be held in the form of meetings with the Vietnamese community. Many Vietnamese groups are lobbying for meetings with US officials.

Based on these facts, the Vietnamese Nationalist Party provides the following confirmations:

1. The meetings mentioned above are conducted on individual or very little organizational bases that are not representatives of the Vietnamese Community in the United States or overseas in any way, shape, or form. “The Vietnamese Community” must be understood as the non-profit organizations elected by the Vietnamese people following democratic procedure. No one who claims to be representatives of the Vietnamese community should be exempt from this procedure – regardless of municipal, state, federal, or world levels.

2. It has been known that from the time the Communist regime was formed in the Soviet Union, China, and other parts of the world – including the Communist Party of Vietnam established in 1930, the communists have never sincerely cooperated with those who do not belong to their party. Few convicted cooperations were short lived and followed by eliminations, annihilations, and murders done by the Communist Party of Vietnam to former patriots of other parties who have fought against the colonists.

3. The United States Government – with all means and strengths, has been successful in the disintegration or reorganization of the Communist regime. By facing the present economic difficulties and threats by Communist China, the Vietnamese Communist Government tries to accept a truce with the United States only to cling to its power, which is not for the benefit of the Vietnamese people. Whenever it were able to regain its strength, the Communist Party of Vietnam would continue with its tyranny. However,the Vietnamese Nationalist Party welcomes all policies of the US government and other free countries around the world that support a free Vietnam, provided that democratic process and respect for human rights are governing ideals of these policies.

4. It is recognized that the majority of the Vietnamese living in the country, including those who were former communists, have realized the truth and renounced communism. These opponents are ready to confront the dictatorial government. Even though they are still unable to react, these opponents are quietly nurturing opportunities and waiting for chances similar to those of the USSR, Eastern Europe, and so on.  All Vietnamese living inside the country and abroad are determined to unite to become one force in order to achieve the ultimate goals of freedom and democracy.

5. After forty years of taking over the South and ruling the country, the Communist Party of Vietnam continues with its tyrannical regime, but acts cowardly in front of foreign invaders. The party, without credibility, is unable to motivate and mobilize its citizens towards the cause of defending national independence and protecting the territory and maritime territory of Vietnam. The Vietnamese communists always suppress, divide, weaken, and eradicate those with different opinions from those of the party. The communists will utilize the would-be dialogue to lullaby and trick the Vietnamese community overseas, and to continue with tyrannical ruling.

6. After more than four decades of persistent struggle and fighting, and with patriotic zeal, the Vietnamese Nationalists abroad are approaching the final stage of determination. Reality has proven that the meaningful torch is shining towards the Vietnamese who support freedom and for the people of Vietnam.

From the above statements, the Vietnamese Nationalist Party solemnly asserts its stance as follows:

1. Dialogue with Communists is equal to committing suicide. We only enter any conversations with the people of Vietnam with honest and sincere patriots and with a regime which protects freedom and democracy in which all human rights are respected – including freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of election, freedom to pursue one’s own way of life, and other forms of freedom. This is the very same regime which would ensure there would be no prisoners of conscience, political prisoners, prisoners of religion, or other forms of detainment in disguise.

2. The Vietnamese Nationalist Party advocates synergy and teamwork with the Free Vietnamese Community overseas which is legitimate and elected under the democratic procedure and which collaborates with other Nationalist parties and organizations, and with the organizations that defend and fight for righteousness. We accompany and support the youth, college students, students, intellectuals, workers and peasants living inside of Vietnam, including the armed forces, police, cadres, and party members who want to abandon communism, so that together we can devote ourselves to the fighting for a true Vietnam with Independence, Freedom, Happiness, and the ability to defend our country from threats within and outside.

 On behalf of the Vietnamese Nationalist Party,

Nhan Thanh Le                                   Thanh Tu Tran                                Dung Hong Nguyen

Lethanhnhan@vietquoc.org            Tranlogiang59@yahoo.com               Douglashongnguyen@gmail.com

Phone: 408-569-4492

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